Charles Morrison’s Diary, 12 to 18 January 1863

Postcard 1930s.jpg

Stornoway in the 1930s. The site of Matthew Russell’s shop where Charles Morrison worked as a salesman is located directly above the ferry terminal offices (a beautiful art deco building, regrettably demolished very recently), with a red roof. (K. Morrison)

Monday 12th January

Received a letter from Jno Melville Glasgow. I saw in the Inverness Courier that Mary Forbes was married on the 30th Dec.

Tuesday 13th January

Blew very hard & rained heavily all day. Very busy sold a quantity of meal. Row with D. McLeod Crossbost

Wednesday 14th January

Fair today. Dreamt last night of being in G – – – house and also going wrong in singing in church

Very busy today

Thursday 15th January

After 5 weeks illness Miss Margaret McDonald died this morning at 10 minutes to 6 o’clock.

Friday 16th January

Fine day. I was chusing tonight the valentines to be ordered.

Saturday 17th January

Rained and blew very hard all day. Today as far as I recollect I have seen a corpse for the first time that of Margaret McDonald’s how changed and how pale Death has made her.

Sunday 18th January

In the morning Mr Graham preached from John 6th chapter 54th verse Whoso eateth my flesh and drinketh my blood hath eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day shewing the expiatory nature of Christ’s sufferings and that it is by faith alone that one can realise & appreciate the full meaning of the texts In the afternoon Mr McKenzie the two remaining heads of his sermon last Sabbath. After dinner I went to see Miss Elizabeth McDonald. In the evening Mr Graham preached from Exodus 3rd chapter the 2nd to the end of the 6th verse Wherein he represented the burning bush in the wilderness to the church. I was precenting in the morning and evening.

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