Charles Morrison’s Diary, 1 to 14 April 1863

Large untitled

Untitled, unfinished watercolour by Gina G. Morrison.

Wednesday 1st April

Very busy sold a lot of meal.

Thursday 2nd April

A fine day and beautiful night. I gave my portrait to Miss Margt Gerrie.

Friday 3rd April

Very slack today.

Saturday 4th April

Miss M. Gerrie bought a lot of worsted from me I went home with her it being a very course night.

Sunday 5th April

It was expected that Dr McKay Harris would preach today but he got unwell. Mr McKenzie preached in the afternoon from the first 4 verses of the 3rd chapter of Colossians.

Monday 6th April

Pretty busy today. A great number of Students came by the Steamer & John Fraser. Miss Margt Gerrie left tonight.

Tuesday 7th April

Angus came today by the packet received a large quantity of goods.

Wednesday 8th April

Pretty busy today. The weather very course.

Thursday 9th April

Marking of the goods. Course weather.

Friday 10th April

I have not been well today and had to leave the shop at 2 o’clock. Fine day.

Saturday 11th April

Very busy today the crew of the Norwegian brig Clolia buying from us.

Sunday 12th April

Mr Leith preached 2 excellent Sermons In the morning from Hebrews 2 chap 2nd verse So great Salvation & in the evening from 2nd Corinthians 5th chap 13 verse For whether we be beside ourselves it is to God or whether we be sober it is for your cause. In the afternoon Mr McKenzie from Proverbs 23 chap and 23 verse My Son give me thine heart

Monday 13th April

I wrote to my father for Robert.

Tuesday 14th April

Beautiful day. Very busy. The Steamer left this in the evening after being back and fore from Lochinver & Valamos with Sheep.

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