Charles Morrison’s Diary, 1 to 13 May 1863

Gallows Hill and Goat Island  24 August 1900

Gallows Hill and Goat Island by Gina G. Morrison, 24 August 1900

Friday 1st May

A fine day. Kept pretty busy.

Saturday 2nd May

A beautiful day not busy.

Sunday 3rd May

Mr Leith preached two excellent sermons. In the forenoon from Hosea 7th chapter 16th verse They return but not to the Most High. In the evening from 1st Peter 2nd chapter 21st verse last clause leaving us an example that ye should follow his steps. In the evening had a walk down the length of the island with Christina.

Monday 4th May

Robert my brother arrived this morning at ½ past nine per Clansman from Lochinver. I had a letter from Lexy on her return from Edinburgh. I wrote father.

Tuesday 5th May

I wrote to Lexy and to Isabella Sutherland Edinburgh.

Wednesday 6th May

The Steamer commenced coming on the Wednesday. Fine day.

Thursday 7th May

A beautiful day. Very busy. I went home with Christina. She spoke to me about the letters.

Friday 8th May

Fine day not much doing.

Saturday 9th May

Pretty busy a beautiful day.

Sunday 10th May

Mr Leith preached in the forenoon from Matthew 16th chapter 26th verse For what does a man profit in if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul he shewed the danger of losing and nothing to compensate for the saving of the soul. In the evening he preached from 1st Peter 1st chapter 3rd 4th & 5th verses. In the afternoon Mr McRae E C preached on the beatitudes from Matthew 5th chapter 1st to the 12th verse.

Monday 11th May

Very busy today. 6 of the Lochfyne herring boats arrived.

Tuesday 12th May

The first of the Caithness boats arrived in the morning and a good many of them in the evening. Fine day.

Wednesday 13th May

Very wet and soft today. Kept pretty busy.

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