Charles Morrison’s Diary, 15 to 30 June 1863

Untitled Watermill 13 - Copy

Watermill, by Gina G. Morrison, c.1900

Monday 15 June

I had a letter from J Sutherland Edinburgh. In the evening I caught a hake in the loch opposite the shop.

Tuesday 16 June

I was at tea in Mr Russell’s along with Mr Leith Mr McKinnon & J Robertson. The boats had to return after going out.

Wednesday 17 June

A beautiful day. I wrote home to Kate.

Thursday 18 June

A very light fishing. I bought a silver watch from Mr McGilvray at £L.7Z one for £C..A We were very busy today. I was hearing about M.M.M. and C.G. She was down getting her likeness taken.

[Note: the prices of the watches are in code]

Friday 19th June

A fine day had a walk and sail with Mr McKinnon he broke an oar. I heard that C.G. had been sailing tonight with M.M.M.

Saturday 20th June

A very poor fishing. The Revd Duncan McGregor came today per St.

Sunday 21st June

In the morning Mr Leith preached from the 12th chapter and 14th verse of Hebrews Follow peace with all men and holiness with out which no man shall see the lord. In the afternoon Mr McGregor preached from the 12th chapter and 24th verse of Hebrews. But ye are come to the blood of sprinkling that speaketh better things than that of Abel he explained The blood The voice of the blood The coming to the blood In the evening Mr Leith preached from Hosea 6th chapter & 4th verse O Ephraim what shall I do unto thee O Judah what shall I do unto thee for your goodness is as a morning cloud and as the early dew it goeth away. I was presenting and stuck at the Doxology. I was to sing St Lawrence and had to sing Bedford.

 Monday 22nd June

I gave my carte de visite to Mrs Russell & John Robertson. John left today. After the boats went out it blew a terrible gale and they had to return there was a good deal of damage done some boats were broken others had to keep out to sea.

Tuesday 23rd June

Not very busy today. The boats did not get out. It blew very hard. A number of boats are amissing.

Wednesday 24th June

I was looking out today for Robt McKay Tongue but failed in finding him out. The boats did not get out tonight.

Thursday 25th June

I met Robt McKay in the morning and spoke to him.  We got in a large quantity of meal.

Friday 26th June

A good fishing today. We were very busy. A number of the Lochfyne fishermen were settling.

Saturday 27th June

A good fishing. Pretty busy. The ex Lord provost of Glasgow (Galbraith), yacht in with himself & Revd Dr Boyd of Campbelton and &c.

Sunday 28th June

In the morning Mr Leith preached from the 28th verse of the 26th chapter of Acts Then Agrippa said unto Paul Almost thou persuadest one to be a Christian. In the Afternoon Mr John McRae EC. preached from the 7th & 8th verses of the 14th chapter of Romans. In the evening Dr Boyd of Campbelton preached in the U P. Church from the 9th verse of the 4th chapter of Romans There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. The church was crowded.

Monday 29th June

I had a letter from Lexy. We were very busy.

Tuesday 30th June

Very busy today. Lochfyne fishermen settling. Our drawings for June is £422-10 which is £15 less than last year but then the bad fishing must be taken into consideration.

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