Charles Morrison’s Diary, 1 to 13 September 1863

Ben Bragar

Ben Bragar, Isle of Lewis, by Gina G. Morrison

Tuesday 1st September

Very rainy today. I was at tea with Mrs Russell & Christina Gerrie and then I went home with Christina I gave her Robt Sutherland’s Journal.

Wednesday 2nd September

I had a letter from William Fisher watchmaker Glasgow. I wrote Miss E. McDonald Dingwall. I went up the hill with Isabella Nicolson and saw Christina

Thursday 3rd September

A beautiful day and kept pretty busy.

Friday 4th September

A very fine day & not much doing. I wrote Mr Fisher & J Sutherland Edinbro

Saturday 5th September

The Steamer “Clansman” went to Thurso for the fishermen. I wrote father today. I had a severe headache.

Sunday 6th September

Mr Leith in the morning preached from the 15th verse of the 14th chapter of Exodus And the Lord said unto Moses wherefore criest thou unto me Speak unto the children of Isreal that they go forward. In the evening he preached from the 10th chapter of Hebrews 34 verse Knowing in Yourselves that ye have in heaven a better and an enduring Substance. In the afternoon Mr Munro preached in the 8th chapter of Jeremiah 22nd verse Is there no balm in Gilead is there no physician there why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered.

Monday 7th September

The Clansman arrived with the fishermen from Thurso at 2 P.M. We were very busy the rest of the evening. After we shut I went to the Steamer & met Miss Smith & Miss Gerrie then I went home with Miss Gerrie. I wrote father about Robert leaving.

Tuesday 8th September

Rained heavily all day there was not much doing. I was in Miss Reids a short time in the evening. Miss G. McR. & N. were there.

Wednesday 9th September

I had a cold & headache today. The Clydesdale went to Thurso for the fishermen at 3 o’clock. I had a letter from Kate giving a long account of her trip to Strathpeffer & back.

Thursday 10th September

The Clydesdale arrived at 5 P.M. with about 500 men we were kept something busy after that. At night I had a walk up the hill with Miss I McRae then I had a long walk with Misses Gerrie & Nicolson & her.

Friday 11th September

Very slack today. The sloop “Ada” was sold by auction to Thomas Reid for £91.

Saturday 12th September

Mr & Mrs Pope came from Strathpeffer today. I had a letter from Miss E. McDonald Dingwall. I was pretty busy preparing for Robert going away on Monday. I wrote John Robertson Portree to father Kate, Sandy Gunn & Mrs A. Rose.

Sunday 13th September

In the morning Mr Leith preached in the 12th chapter of Hebrews and clause of the 18th & 22nd verses For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched But ye are come unto Mount Zion And unto the City of the living God. In the evening he preached from the 19th chapter of John 30th verse It is finished He shewed by these words the termination of the life of the suffering and of the work of Christ. This was his farewell sermon. In the afternoon Mr Munro preached from the 53rd chap of Isaiah 8th & 9th verses At night I had a walk with Robert the length of the well. We met Christina and she presented him with a book

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