Charles Morrison’s Diary, 14 to 30 September 1863

Kinloch Church Lochs oil 2 - Copy

Kinloch Church, Lochs, Isle of Lewis, by Gina G. Morrison (oil, nd c.1890s)

Monday 14th September

Robert left this morning for Dornoch. He went by the Clansman at 6 A.M. by Loch Inver. Sheriff Cook &c was marking out the boundaries of the town of Stornoway. We were very busy today there were a great number of Lochs people in town.

Tuesday 15th September

We were very busy today. I have nothing in particular to write.

Wednesday 16th September

Something busy. I had a letter from Mr Fisher Glasgow.

Thursday 17th September

It was very stormy today. We were not very busy.

Friday 18th September

Not much doing. In the evening I had a walk with Christina.

Saturday 19th September

In the morning I sold 6 pieces Canvas to Alex Robertson. Angus not being well I was alone in the shop all day.

Sunday 20th September

In the morning Mr Chas McEwen preached from the 18 chapter of Luke 10 to the 14 verses.  In the evening he preached in the 9th chap of John 4th verse I must work the works of him that sent me while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work. He shewed the work the when to work and the why to work.

Monday 21st September

It was very wet today. We were pretty busy a number of Lochs people being in town.

Tuesday 22nd September

The most of the boats that did not manage to come before now from Caithness came today.

Wednesday 23rd September

I had a letter from father telling of the arrival of Robert.

Thursday 24th September

We had a row with a Shabost lad about meal he pretended he paid it he had to be searched by the Police and the money was found upon him.

Friday 25th September

Misses Annabella & Johan Morrison were calling today and gave us goodbye as they were going away on Monday to Liverpool. In the evening I called on Mrs D.L. Mckenzie Mr Munro Probationer & Mr P Clark was there.

Saturday 26th September

The “Clansman” arrived at 11 A.M. There was news of the death of Finlay Stewart he died at Loch Carron last Monday. I had a letter from Lexy.

Sunday 27th September

In the morning Mr McEwen preached from the 18th chapter of 1st Kings 10th to the 16th verse. In the afternoon Mr Munro preached in the 27 chapter of 1st Samuel 1st verse. In the evening I had a walk with Mr Buchan and we met Miss Gerrie Miss Smith the stewardess & Miss McKenzie from Ullapool. It was rather wet.

Monday 28th September

We were kept pretty busy.

Tuesday 29th September

This is my 25th Birthday.

Wednesday 30th September

I had a letter and a book (George Harrington) from the S T League 3 lads went away to New Zealand today. Our drawings for the past month is £252 9-16.


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