Charles Morrison’s Diary, 1 to 14 December 1863


‘Evening’, Gina G. Morrison, c.1900

Tuesday 1st December

Very stormy not much doing.

Wednesday 2nd December

The “Eva” with meal from Aberdeen arrived. We were very busy. I was at the singing class.

Thursday 3rd December

Received 100 Bolls oatmeal. It was very cold & stormy.

Friday 4th December

It blew a regular gale and rained all day.

Saturday 5th December

Not busy. Very stormy.

Sunday 6th December

In the morning Mr Tennant preached from the 1st verse of the 5th chapter of Romans Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. In the evening he preached from the 8th chapter of Matthew from the 1st to the 4th verses. In the afternoon I was at dinner and then at tea in Goathill.

Monday 7th December

I had a letter from Lexy and her carte de visite. The Artillery Volunteers were inspected today by Colonel Brougham.

Tuesday 8th December

In the evening I was in the Lews Hotel with Mr W. R. Sutherland of Glasgow until 2 A.M. He & I got very intimate and confidential. I had a kind note from Christina.

Wednesday 9th December

It was very stormy. We were not busy. After shutting shop I was with Mr W. Sutherland awhile.

Thursday 10th December

I wrote Lexy and to J. H. Wilson London for Christina and Mrs & D. Pope’s carte de visites.

Friday 11th December

I wrote J. Robertson Portree and had a letter from Kate from Glastullich.


‘In the Glen’, Gina G. Morrison

Saturday 12th December

I had a walk with Mr W. Sutherland up the glen and down by the castle. I had tea in Miss E. McDonalds along with Misses Agnes McDonald Annie McKenzie and Flora Ann McRae Ness.

 Sunday 13th December

In the morning Mr Tennant preached from the 9th chapter of Judges from the 1st to the20th verse. In the evening he preached from the 1st chapter of 1st peter 1st clause Whom having not seen ye love. I presented twice. In the afternoon Mr Sutherland and I had a walk down the length of the bank and when we came back I had dinner with him in the Lews Hotel.

Monday 14th December

I wrote Mr J. H. Wilson London for Miss Agnes McDonald’s carte de visite. Mr W. Sutherland away.


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