Charles Morrison’s Diary, July 1864

Untitled Castle Grounds

Untitled (Lews Castle Grounds c.1890) by Gina G Morrison

Friday 1st July

I was so busy this month especially the first fortnight that I kept no notes of the days. I was pretty busy today.

Saturday 2nd July

John came back today

Monday 4th July

There was a great row today commenced in the shop among some of the Plockton crews. They were the worse for drink.

Tuesday 5th July

I was very busy today selling meal. I drew £62 – ” –

Wednesday 6th July

The market day. I was very busy. Drew £55 – ” –

Thursday 7th July

Very busy now to the 16th. On the 13th the “Clydesdale” went to Thurso and the “Clansman” on the 16th with the fishermen. After this the remainder of the month was very dull. Not much doing. I had now more time to see Christina. I had very little time since the fishing commenced and we agreed upon getting married. We spoke to Mrs Russell about it and she has been very favourable to it and doing all in her power to forward it. If it was not [for] her I do not see how we would get on rightly with it. Her put us on our plans and how to get on. Christina spoke to Robert about it and he was very favourable. My drawings for this past month is £393-18-3



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