Charles Morrison’s Diary, September 1864

Untitled 5 - Copy

Untitled watercolour, Gina G. Morrison, c.1900

Thursday 1st

I was pretty busy today. It was very stormy.

Friday 2nd

Very little doing.

Saturday 3rd

I was for a good while with Christina in Mr Russell’s. Mr & Mrs Russell being away at Callenish.

Sunday 4th

In the morning the Revd. Mr Oliver preached from the 10th Chapter of Matthew 42nd verse And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple verily I say unto you he shall in no wise lose his reward. In the evening he preached from the 6th Chapter of John 37th verse last clause him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. In the afternoon Captain Otho (?) gave a very nice address in the Sabbath School.

Monday 5th

It was very stormy all day it blew very hard at night.

Tuesday 6th

Mr Russell & children & I went out for a drive. We were out 6 miles on the Barvas road and when returning it commenced to rain very heavy. When we got back we were wet to the skin. I was with Brown getting the ceiling of the house white washed. We bought a carpet from Mr Russell and went home with Christina.

Wednesday 7th

I had a letter from Lexy. The Clydesdale went to Scrabster.

Thursday 8th

It blew very hard. Angus McDonald was married today a few went over to Valtos from the town but he did not ask or even speak a word about it to his brother which is greatly spoken of through the Town.

Friday 9th

The “Clydesdale” arrived at 2 this morning. I got up and was pretty busy for a short time. There came 13 or 1400 by her.

Saturday 10th

I had a drive out with Mr Russell to the Blackwater Bridge. I wrote Lexy & W.R.Sutherland. The “Clansman” went to Scrabster Roads.

Sunday 11th

In the morning the Revd. Mr Oliver preached from the 2nd chapter of Luke 13th & 14th verses And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace good will toward men. In the afternoon the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was dispensed and the service was very impressive. In the evening he preached a most excellent and his concluding sermon from the 4th chapter of Hebrews 9th verse There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Monday 12th

Mrs Russell Christina & I were up seeing the house. The “Clansman” from Scrabster Roads at 4 P.M. with about 400 men.

Tuesday 13th

I had a letter from Christina telling that Alexander that morning was in an awful rage and abused her and J. and her mother took her side. At night I was in Wm Robertson’s to 12 o’clock getting the bedroom papered.

Wednesday 14th

I had a drive out the Lochs Road with the Misses Pope.

Thursday 15th

The “North Star” of Peel in with meal I got 50 Bolls. I had a walk with Christina and she was telling me what Alex. was saying.

Friday 16th

A fine day. I was in the shop with Angus McLeod Carloway till ½ past 11 P.M. There was a very high tide.

Saturday 17th

Not very busy. At night Robert Gerrie & I went to Donald McKay the Kirk Officer for to get Christina & I proclaimed tomorrow in church. A very high tide.

Sunday 18th

In the morning Mr N McDougall preached from the 6th chapter of John 48th verse I am that bread of life. In the evening he preached from the 1st verse of the 5th chapter of Romans Therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. In the afternoon I had a walk with Christina and Miss Smith down along the Creed.

Monday 19th

Pretty busy today. A number of Cromore people in town.

Tuesday 20th

Pretty busy. I sent up the chest of drawers to the house.

Wednesday 21st

I wrote Father. I had a parcel from Isabella Sutherland for Christina. I saw in the Glasgow Herald of the arrival of the “Morning Light” at Melbourne on July 25th.

Thursday 22nd

Not much doing. I was making up empties for Glasgow.

Friday 23rd

[Blank – the diary ends here]

Extracts from Angus Macdonald’s Diary:

Saturday 10 September 1864. Married at Valtos house on Thur 8th last by Rev. J. McRae.

Friday 16 September 1864. Highest tide I ever Saw here.

Saturday 17 September 1864. At 8pm tide even higher than last night. Had to fill up my shop door to keep the sea out.

Wednesday 21 September 1864. Murdo away

Tuesday 27 September 1864. Chas Morrison married at 7a.m. & left per St. (i.e. Steamer).

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