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Buttercup Dairy Company

A Potted History of the Buttercup Dairy Co. Ltd. The Buttercup Dairy Co. devised one of the most artistic and coherent retail house styles to be found on Scottish high streets in the 20th century. The shops of few other … Continue reading

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Food Experts: William Jackson & Son Ltd. of Hull

The History of William Jackson & Son Ltd. The Hull-based grocery, provisions and bakery business of William Jackson & Son Ltd. evolved into a coherent chain of convenience stores which was taken over by Sainsbury’s in 2004. The founder, William … Continue reading

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‘The Greatest Grocers in the World’: International Tea Company’s Stores

‘International Stores’ was a common sight on English high streets from 1878, when the first shop opened in Brentford, until 1988, when all remaining outlets were rebranded ‘Gateway’. To give the company its full name, ‘International Tea Company’s Stores’ was … Continue reading

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Spotting Historic Shopfronts: Baldock

A plum spot on the Great North Road meant that the small market town of Baldock in Hertfordshire became an ideal staging post for people journeying north from London. From the 17th century onwards it was chock-a-block with coaching inns, … Continue reading

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Star Supply Stores

Stumbling across the wonderful Star Supply Stores on Lowestoft’s historical High Street – now Raphael Crafts – prompted a bit of research into this retail business. Star was one of many chains of grocers and provision dealers that thrived in English towns during the late … Continue reading

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Dairy Chain: The Story of the Meadow Dairy Company

Previous posts have discussed the provisions shops of Lipton’s, David Greig, Home & Colonial Stores and the Maypole Dairy Co. All these businesses, though long gone, had distinctive shopfronts which can still – occasionally – be recognised on modern high … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Home & Colonial Stores: Part 2

These examples of Home & Colonial stores were spotted after  The Legacy of Home & Colonial Stores was first posted. If additional shops come to light, they will be posted here. Contributions happily accepted! Eastbourne I have no documentary evidence for this one … Continue reading

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The Legacy of David Greig: Part 2

Several former David Greig shops – or fragments of shops –  have come to my attention since publishing the story of this extensive London-based provisions chain in The Legacy of David Greig. Here is a selection. Weston-Super-Mare This small shop – now ‘The … Continue reading

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‘Shop-Coolness and Counter-Cleanliness’: The Legacy of the Maypole Dairy Co

Introduction Some of the most ornate and distinctive shopfronts created by British provision chains in the late 19th and early 20th centuries belonged to the Maypole Dairy Co. These are highly recognisable and well worth looking out for, though examples … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Home & Colonial Stores

Introduction Decades have passed since large superstores asserted their dominance over the retail food market, yet attractive remnants of old grocery and provision chains can still be spotted on shopping streets throughout the UK. One of the most recognisable is … Continue reading

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