I’m an architectural historian who worked for 30 years in the heritage sector with the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, English Heritage and Historic England. Not all at once, I hasten to add. One after the other.

Over the years I’ve published on a wide range of building-related subjects: historic hospitals, workhouses, shops, stores, factories, garages, car parks, country houses, C17th masons and medieval sculpture.

Current projects (in 2019-20) include a book — still in the early stages — about the history and heritage of chain store architecture. A ‘spotter’s guide’ to historic shopfronts is also in gestation. In addition, I’m preoccupied with studies of Northamptonshire stonemasons in the 1620s and 1630s, exploring the potential of masons’ marks as historical evidence.

Most of the recent posts published here at buildingourpast.com relate to my current research on the architecture, building processes and shop-fitting of multiple retailers. They draw attention to interesting historic shops which can be enjoyed on travels around England. Please leave comments and tell me about your own historic shop discoveries!




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  1. Wondered if you may like a photo, I assume was taken in London, but I do not know for sure. My dad is in the photo in front of a fountain with a building in the rear that reads “Dolcis Shoes” carved in the building.


  2. Anna Williams says:

    Dear Kathryn,
    I am currently looking for an image of Swansea Woolworths to use within a 5STAR (Channel 5) documentary.
    I have found a photo of Swansea Woolworths dated 1959 which features in your book Woolworths 100 Years on the High Street.
    Please may you provide me with contact details so I can get in touch directly to discuss?
    My contact details are annawilliams@koska.co.uk and telephone 01273 917 862.
    Kind regards,
    Anna Williams


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