Charles Morrison’s Diary, 15 to 31 October 1863


The Callanish Stones (R. Baxter)

Thursday 15th October

Mrs Rodk Morrison’s household furniture began to be sold of today. Angus bought some things. I bought a desk at 8/- 1 picture at 3/- 4 jelly crystal plates 1/6 and cream jug & sugar bowl 2/2. I was introduced to Mrs McLeod Valtos today.

Friday 16th October

Angus bought today a Bookcase 14/- I bought an escritoire at 51/- Angus went to Valtos to see Mrs McLeod.

Saturday 17th October

Not very busy. I took the escritoire and Bookcase to the house. John had a letter from Kate telling father is poorly.

Sunday 18th October

In the morning Mr McEwen lectured from the 12th chapter of John 1st to the 8th verse. In the evening he preached from Matthew 11th chapter 28th verse Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. I presented twice. In the afternoon Mr Munro preached from the 4th chap of 1st John 16th verse God is love.

Monday 19th October

I was pretty busy in the morning. Sir James left today. In the evening I heard of A. G.’s conduct towards his mother and Christina.

Tuesday 20th October

I have nothing particular to write about today.

Wednesday 21st October

I wrote to Kate asking about father and to John Robertson.

Thursday 22nd October

Very slack today. In the evening I was at the prayer meeting.

Friday 23rd October

A beautiful day. I went up the hill with Christina & Jessie Nicholson.

Saturday 24th October

I had a walk with Neil McDonald and Neil Maclean up the glen to the Mosehouse. I was told by Jessie Nicholson that M.McM was casting me down very much to C.G.

Sunday 25th October

In the evening morning Mr McEwen lectured from the 3rd chapter of Genesis 15th verse 15th chapter of Mark 34th to the 37th verse and the 30th verse of the 19th chap of John. I presented. In the evening he preached from the 4th chapter of 2nd Timothy 7th verse I have fought a good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith. Mr Archd Beaton Bragar was with me. The Sacrements were at Back today.

Monday 26th October

I got up at 5A.M. as A Beaton was going away at 6 by the Steamer. I then had a walk with Donald McRae & Misses I McRae & I Nicolson. Miss McRae and I went the length of the well. Donald and Isy went in to Goathill when we came back Christina came down a bit the road with us. Dr Burk was lecturing in the F.C. Seminary on Creation.

Tuesday 27th October

Nothing particular to write about.

Wednesday 28th October

I was hearing Dr Burk lecturing and shewing his views. I had a letter from Kate father was a little better.

Thursday 29th October

Very stormy and course.

Friday 30th October

I went along with Donald McRae Christina Gerrie & Isy Nicolson to Callenish. I hired a conveyance from Mrs J. Clark. We left Stornoway at ½ past 5 P.M. and arrived at Callenish at ½ past 8.

[See A Visit to the Druidical Stones]

 Saturday 31st October

It rained very heavy in the morning and D. McRae and I went and saw the Druidical Stones about mid day it got fair and Christina went along with us in a boat to Linshader. Donald remained there and Christina and I took a walk we went by Grimersta Garnahine and back to Callenish a distance of about 7 miles. Our drawings for October is £307-13 which is very good.

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